TV Production : Virasat ( Family / Soci )


A social drama, depicting the clash of values between a rapacious businessman, Omprakash Mittal and his idealistic son, Rahul. It is a love triangle between Rahul and his comely secretary Sheetal and arrogant Anita which gets complicated when Omprakash emotionally blackmails his son into marrying Anita the daughter of a big financer.

Meanwhile Urmila, Rahul's sister complicates things further when she falls in love with Zafar the son of a Mafia Don Ahmedbhai who is Omprakash's friend. Omprakash's sins have begun to catch up with him.

Genre: Drama Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 57 Language: Hindi (Dubbed in Tamil)

  Story Line

First we have Omprakash Mittal a successful builder who is unscrupulous and wishes his son Rahul to follow in his footsteps, while Rahul's conscience won't let him abandon his values. On the other hand we have Ahmedbhai, a Mafia Don who does not want his son Zafar to join the underworld, but ultimately destiny compels Zafar into the shady world. We have Rahul's pampered sister Urmila who gets involved with Zafar. When confronted Urmila questions her father's right to preach her about morality. Later Urmila runs away with Zafar.

Omprakash Mittal finds himself impaled on the sword that he wielded on others. Omprakash finds himself paying for his sins; even then he does not mend his ways. Meanwhile, Rahul finds himself moving closer to his secretary Sheetal. Rahul and Sheetal pledge themselves to one other. But Omprakash needs funds to tide over a business crisis. Mr. Bhargava a financer agrees to extend credit on the condition that Rahul marries his pampered daughter Anita who fancies Rahul.

Omprakash emotionally blackmails his son, leaving Rahul with no alternative. Sheetal is devastated and moves away from Rahul. Rahul can't forgive himself. He loses interest in life. Years later, fate unites Rahul and Sheetal, they have to pass through intense turmoil and brave every storm before they can dream of togetherness.


Virasat is loaded with one unconventional character after another unfolding with unusual scenes on the small screen. (Cine advance 4 Aug 95) In a veritable flood of soaps Rakesh Chowdhary's Virasat stands out for its expert Handling (E Times 2-8 Sept 95) In a joint survey carried out by Doordarshan audience rating of television (DART) and IMRB it was found that Virasat from its fourth episode onwards has gained the distinction of becoming one of the top ten serials on DD. (Complete Cinema 16th Sept 95) The Tamil version of Virasat catering to the South Indian audiences is being considered among the top five serials on the network (Complete Cinema 16th Sept 95).

  Cast & Credit

Producer & Director Rakesh Chowdhary
Writers Mir Muneer
Cameraman Bharat Nerkar
Music Sapan Jagmohan
Lyrics Naqsh Lyallpuri

Rajiv Verma, Rita Bahaduri, Ajit Vachhani, Seema Kapoor, Kittu Gidwani, Raj Zutshi, Virendra Singh, Shailee Joshi, Arun Bali, Achyut Potdar, Suhas Joshi and others.