TV Production : Shikwah


A Muslim Social About A Dynamic Girl Who Fights For Her Mother’s Lost Honour And For The Wellbeing Of Her Sister’s Marital Life.

Shikwah was the longest running Muslim Drama in the country.

Genre: Drama/Soap Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 555 Language: Hindi

  Story Line

Shikwah is a Muslim social. It is the story of Zubeida who after the untimely death of her husband raises her three little daughters braving all adversity. Zubeida has managed to educate her daughters and inculcate within them uprightness and self-respect. Zubeida has worked hard to reach this position of dignity in society. Everything is sailing smooth when one day a chapter from her past bursts forth into the present. In her youth a wealthy Nawab named Jafar Khan had tricked Zubeida into a fraudulent marriage. This allegation breaks Zubeida’s daughter Naazia’s marriage. Everything that Zubeida has come to love and cherish is about to be devastated. Zubeida pleads with Jafar Khan to accept Naazia as his legitimate daughter and save her marriage. Jafar who is now a rich and powerful man refuses. Moreover he humiliates Zubeida. Naazia’s life is shattered. The happy family is now trapped under a pall of gloom. Zubeida’s younger daughter Mehvish now takes up the challenge. She decides to fight to regain their honour respect and happiness. She also wants to settle scores with Jafar Khan. The story is of the struggle of three young women against the rich and powerful Jafar Khan. The battle isn’t easy but finally they manage to wash off the stains of the past. The story is an inspiring tale of a woman's strength.

  Cast & Credit

Producer & Director Rakesh Chowdhary
Screenplay & Dialogues Anupam Ghosh

Surender Pal, Rita Bahaduri, Sonia Kapoor, Kishwar, Surbhi Tiwari, Mahrru Sheikh, Prithvi Zutshi, Ramna Wadhavan, Rajesh Kumar, Ravi Kishan, Rajiv Kumar, Vikrant Chaturvedi