TV Production : Sanyasi


The Serial ‘Sanyasi’ is based On A Novel By The Renowned Littérateur, Late Pandit Ilachandra Joshi.

Genre: Classic/Drama Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 13 Language: Hindi

  Story Line

Sanyasi is a story of a man who sits eternally thirsty besides a perpetual stream of sweet water. His life is always unsatisfied even though he has found sweet undying love of two women… his two wives Shanti and Jayanti. He is a man who looks with mistrust and doubt at all beautiful feelings like love, faith, desire and sensitive relationships. He sacrifices everything meaningful in his life at the altar of this blazing mistrust and lives his life wandering eternally… bereft of any destination.

The serial Sanyasi is based on a classical work of the same name by the renowned Littérateur Pandit Ilachandra Joshi. This was the most popular literary work of its period and even today there is no dearth of people who wish to read this novel. The novel is a collector's item with any connoisseur of literature. It has become a tradition that every lover of literature must essentially have a copy of Sanyasi as a part of his personal collection.

The novel Sanyasi is basically a love story. The male protagonist is a Sanyasi who has two wives. Both his wives love him immensely. But though our protagonist has a good and a gentle nature he is absolutely self centric. Finally our protagonist decides to head towards renunciation. Even here his renunciation ends up being just an empty delusion.

Sanyasi as a unique novel with a universal appeal.This novel explores human relationships and the relations between a man and a woman not only in the sense of the Indian male but the universal male whose mindset is set upon monogamous relations, and his human frailties. Every man desires that his woman should submit herself entirely to his will. The man wishes that the woman should perpetually strive for his happiness and pleasure and this has been desired by man from times immemorial. This craving existed thousands of years ago, it exists today, and shall exist five hundred years in the future. However much a man may study and acquire knowledge or engross himself in high philosophy... his basic nature and mindset shall always remain unchanged. And this very mindset and emotions of the man is the primary emotion of the serial Sanyasi. For this very reason the novel shall always hold a universal appeal. The second basis of this novel is that no matter how much a woman strives for the man she loves, the man in essence shall never be satisfied. Examples of such men abound in our scriptures and religious epics. And such men exist even in the present day. Sita had surrendered her entire existence for Ram and yet she had to go through the Agni-Pariksha. Now the question remains... how long will a woman accept this suffering. Is there a limit to her endurance? And what will happen when the limit of endurance is breached. All this forms the basis of the story.

  Cast & Credit

Producer & Director Rakesh Chowdhary
TV Adaptation Anupam Ghosh

Vinit Kumar, Ujjwal Rana, Namrata Thapa, Surabhi Tiwari, Vijay Bhatia, Vikrant Chaturvedi, Roma Williams.