TV Production : Mujrim Haazir ( Classic Drama )


A highly successful serial depicting the feudal system of exploitation prevalent in the early 20th century Bengal, which brings out the true flavour of the culture and period. It is the story of a sensitive young man Sadanand who sets out to oppose the system of exploitation. It is the tragic tale of Kaliganj Ki Bahu who was cheated of her property by Sadanand's grandfather. It is the story of principles, which stands between Sadanand and his wife Nayantara.

Genre: Classic Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 26 Language: Hindi

  Story Line

A highly successful serial based on Bimal Mitra’s classic novel ASAAMI HAAZIR. SAMVAAD’s rendition of the classic fascinated critics and the masses alike bringing in awards and recognition. For the first time the audiences saw doyen of Indian cinema like Nutan and Utpal Dutt on television. Set in the early 20th century Bengal, Mujrim Haazir is the story of Sadanand Chowdhary a sole heir of a feudal lord who rebels against the entire system of exploitation. Sadanand is determined to put an end to his own family, which is responsible for untold exploitation. It is the tragic story of beautiful and innocent Nayantara the only daughter of a schoolmaster who is married to Sadanand. Though Sadanand and Nayantara love and understand each other both are compelled by fate to live apart. Their beliefs and vows conflict with each other and with themselves. It is also the tragic tale of Kaliganj Ki Bahu a Widow of another landlord who was cheated of her land and wealth by Sadanand’s Grandfather. Nutan, one of the finest actresses that Indian cinema has seen in the last few decades gave a memorable performance in the serial. Her very presence generated an intensity and dimension to the already complex set of characters. Mujrim Haazir further enhanced SAMVAAD’s reputation as a creative force to reckon with in the Indian market.


UPTRON (Best Serial)
UPTRON (Direction: Rakesh Chowdhary)
UPTRON (Best Performance: Nutan)
RAPA (Best Serial)
RAPA (Direction: Rakesh Chowdhary)
SAHYOG (Best Serial)
SAHYOG (Direction: Rakesh Chowdhary)
"Working in Mujrim Haazir was a Dream" Quote by Veteran actor Utpal Dutt [Cine Advance 22/8/89] Producer Director Rakesh Chowdhary's TV serial continues to be a favourite with viewers (Screen 6 Oct 1989) The Serial Mujrim Haazir is being talked about as televisions Mughal-e-Azam. In his attempt to recreate an authentic Old World nostalgia-tinged, West Bengal the producer director has already spent 12 lakhs on four of the 26 episodes. Mujrim Haazir a Magnificent serial (Screen (Hindi) 26 may 1988) Rakesh Chowdhary's TV serial Mujrim Haazir based on Bimal Mitra's classic 'Asaamee Haazir', is one of the most expensive serials being shot at present. It can be termed as an epic of a different class on Doordarshan. (Complete Cinema 21/5/88) Mujrim Haazir serial on Epic scale (Cine Advance 20 May 88) The Pick of 89 Mujrim Haazir (The Afternoon Dispatch and courier 23/1/89) Mujrim Haazir a classic on celluloid (Mid Day 19/10 88) Rakesh Chowdhary is back in action. His enviable skill of coming up with the right cast for the right serial has proved successful another time around for his magnum opus Mujrim Haazir (Daily 13 may 88) Mujrim Haazir a literary classic on the small screen (Dainak Jagran (Hindi) 22/8/88)

  Cast & Credit

Producer & Director Rakesh Chowdhary
TV Adaptation Mir Muneer
Camera Bharat Nerkar
Sapan Jagmohan Music
Art Director Samir Chanda

Nutan, Utpal Dutt, Reeta Bahaduri, Rajiv Verma, Ajit Vachhani, Mohan Bhandari, Virendra Singh, Navni Parihar, Anjan Shrivastav, Shashi Puri, Mangal Dhillon and others.