TV Production : Kahani Junction


It is a show based on the extremely popular ancient Indian stories of ‘Panchtantra’ and also short stories taken from Classic Literature.

Genre: Children/Fantasy Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 5 Language: Hindi

  Story Line

The basic idea behind these stories is to thoroughly entertain as well as educate children and people of all ages about the importance of  social, cultural and emotional values in our lives.

In ‘Kahani Junction’ we have showcased a handful of these stories by creating a wonderful fantasy world full of breathtaking special effects, colorful costumes and different time periods. Through each story we have created a joyous and visual treat full of entertainment and learning for children and their entire family to experience and enjoy.

  Cast & Credit

Producer & Director Rakesh Chowdhary
Script Anupam Ghosh

Surendra Pal, Rita Bhaduri, Rajshree Solanki, Mangal Kenkare, Vaishali, Ravi Khanwilkar, Ram Awana,  Shahnawaz, Madhavi Chopra Vijay Bhatia, Amit Gupta, Govind Khatri