TV Production : Kabhi saas kabhi bahu


A hilarious family comedy revolving around mother in law and daughter in law.

Genre: Comedy Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 60
(Currently On Air)
Language: Hindi

  Story Line

IT’S A SITCOM ,a hilarious situational comedy revolving around Dadi Maa, her daughter in law and Dadi Maa’s grand daughter in law. The three women representing three generations and thus there indivisual view points, approaches towards a situation are always different and that is what provides a platform for a hilarious comedy. Our heroine Hema is a middle-aged woman and she is our heroine…. she is a strong woman who has always been independent and has always used every aspect of Kautilya’s Arthashashtra to ensure that she does not become a slave of her mother-in-law Sujata’s desires.
Now a piquant situation has arisen. Our fiercely independent daughter-in-law finds her son Mohit going and getting married. Frankly Hema is not ready for the role of a mother-in-law. Why could Mohit not have waited a few more years… but Mohit’s wife and her daughter-in-law Kaajal is an undeniable reality, which cannot be ignored.
The same independent daughter-in-law Hema becomes a dictatorial mother-in law to the annoyance of the brand new daughter-in-law Kaajal and the amusement of her mother-in-law Sujata.
And what follows is a natural consequence… an age old rule of politicians and military strategists alike… An enemy of an enemy is a friend indeed. So Sujata and Kaajal find themselves sitting on the same side of the fence with regards to their feelings of antagonism directed towards Hema. Hema doesn’t take long to realise that new alliances are liable to form and their consequences for her could be disastrous. She has to redouble her efforts to keep Sujata and Kaajal from teaming up against her and at the same time maintaining her own independence from her mother-in-law Sujata and simultaneously demanding unquestioned obedience from her daughter-in-law Kaajal.
Hema and her tightrope act is sure to generate endless situations, which are full of riotous and unparalleled comedy. The tact of tackling the tactful can often lead to fiascos of tactlessness.
And just where do the three men of the household figure in this serial… they are like men in most other houses… The three generations of men are absolutely at sea with what is going on between the ladies of the house.

  Cast & Credit

Production House Main Frame Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.
Producer Anupam Ghosh
Director Rajesh Gupta
Script Ashok Patole

Sonic Handa, Sushmita Mukherjee, Shama Deshpandey, Vije Bhatiya, Iqbal Azad, Abhijit Lehri