TV Production : Hum Phir Milenge ( Drama )


Hum Phir Milenge is the brave tale of Chandni Malik, who from being a simple housemaid, rises to become a powerful business tycoon who seeks revenge from the people who have wronged her.

Genre: Drama Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 80 Language: Hindi

  Story Line

27 years ago Chandni Malik (Rakshanda Khan) started work as a housemaid in the house of mill owner Bhupendra Singh. While working in his mansion she had to face in human treatment besides many other problems. But she faced everything bravely and worked her way forward through life, never giving up on her dreams. Circumstances forced her to move to the city where she started her own business in a small rented shop, and soon her life started to change. She finally became a renowned business tycoon in the city. She had protected her brother Arjun (Vineet Raina) from all the troubles that she herself had faced. But the day comes when this very brother Arjun betrays Chandni Malik. Later Chandni also realizes that her daughter Sonali is in love with Bhupendra Singh's grandson. Will Chandni be able to escape the demons of her past? Will she be able seek her revenge? Will she finally be able to achieve peace and happiness for her family and herself? All this and more is revealed in our serial ' HUM PHIR MILENGE '

The situations lead to a masterful roller coaster of drama and emotion, which grips the audience thoroughly.


Hum Phir Milenge was very well received by the audience making it the highest TRP gainer.

  Cast & Credit

Director Vijay Pandey
Producer & Series Director Rakesh Chowdhary
Music Sapan Jagmohan
Art Director Ajit Patnaik
Writer Mir Muneer
Editor Kishan Sapru

Rakshanda Khan, Raj Zutshi, Kuldeep Dubey, Vineet Raina, Vaishali, Mona Nahta, Faisal Sayyed, Priya Bhatija, Vipul Roy, Sharhaan Singh.