TV Production : Grihdaah


A classic based on the one of the best novel of Sharatchand.

Genre: Classic Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 59 Language: Hindi

  Story Line

A classic based on the one of the best novel of Sharatchand.The story Grihadaah is of three characters Achala, Mahim and Suresh. This is the story of Mahim who is a self reliant, self controlled, calm, and easy-going person. Mahim truly has a generous heart and forgives his wife Achala even when he is fully aware that she has under a delusion wandered far from the path of virtue. This is a contemplation of a personís growing realisation represented by the character Suresh. It is Suresh who lets his selfish lust destroy all the happiness from the life of his devoted friend Mahim. It is also about Achalaís destiny, the trauma of a womanís penitence. If Achala had a fault then it was none other than the weakness of her inner spirit. It is this very weakness which leads her to search for a perfect man within her husband. Within Achala lie many unfulfilled desires, and there is a lack of control and common reasoning which makes her waver from her path for a few drops of materialistic pleasure. Achala is the reflection of that deluded woman who desires to find every attribute in one single human.

  Cast & Credit

Production House Magic Moment Pvt.Ltd.
Producer Anirudh Chowdhary
Director Amitabh Bhattachrya
Script Anupam Gosh

Sonica Handa, Ujjwal Rana, Rajesh Kumar, Lalit Primoo, Roma Williams, Girish Oak, Mangal Kenkare, Shahnawaz Pradhan, Sashi Sharma, Akriti Singh.