TV Production : Baazaar ( Social Drama )


It is a story of Shubhankar's love Gargi and how she helps him safely out of the quagmire of deep disillusionment. It is about Subrat a wily Art dealer who will never forgive Shubhankar for snatching Gargi away from him.

The serial is about Love, Trust and Dreams about Glamour & Big Stakes, about Exploitation, Scheming and Frauds.

Genre: Drama Duration: 25 Minutes Episodes: 33 Language: Hindi

  Story Line

The characters are well formed, and the story is researched and well plotted.

Shubhankar is a young painter who struggles in the world of art yet retains his unshakeable belief in values. This is both the cause of his problems, as well as his biggest asset. Raghuvir, Shubhankar's father is a small time astrologer and wishes his son to join him in his business. Raghuvir can't understand any activity that doesn't have a quantitative profit at its end, whereas Shubhankar prefers to go hungry in his pursuit of art. Shubhankar doesn't care for money. Shubhankar's stepmother understands him as much as a real mother would. She is the source of his moral strength. We show how Shubhankar is entrapped in a cruel web spun by a group of Art Profiteers. We have Khushboo who has affection for Shubhankar yet shuns him because of over-ambition.

We have Gargi, who is taken in by Shubhankar's unshakeable faith in human values. We have Mitra Babu a friend of Gargi's late father who is now her mentor. We have Mitra Babu's adapted son Subrat who is an Art dealer. Subrat is responsible for framing Shubhankar in a criminal case. He can never forgive Shubhankar for snatching Gargi away from him. BAAZAAR has strong characters and is a very strong plot involving subtle interactions between our characters on the backdrop of the present day Indian Art Scene.

  Cast & Credit

Producer & Director Rakesh Chowdhary
Writers Rajiv Arpan & Anupam Ghosh
Cameraman Sudhir Gawde
Music Sapan Jagmohan
Lyrics Naqsh Lyallpuri

Ajit Vachhani, Beena, Rajiv Verma, Aasif Sheik, Raj Zutshi, Mrinal Kulkarni, Sangeeta Ghosh, Prabha Sinha, Mangal Kenkre, Surbhi Tiwari, Iqbal Azad and others.