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Mr. Rakesh Chowdhary, our Managing Director and Chairman who founded Samvaad as a theatre group way back in 1982. For him creative art has been a lifelong passion.

The year was 1983 when Doordarshan began accepting content from external producers. Mr. Chowdhary took the bold step of going in for Television production, and Samvaad Video Private Limited was formed. Samvaad established itself with the successful sitcom 'Bante Bigadte'.

Having a strong background and understanding of scripting Mr. Chowdhary was actively involved in development and design of every project made by Samvaad from the conceptualisation stage. After Bante Bigadte Mr. Chowdhary took on a topical campus drama 'Chunauti'. During Chunauti Mr. Chowdhary realised the need for video equipment and editing facilities and he established a full-fledged professional video studio with complete production and post-production facilities under one roof. Till date more than three hundred well known producers and clients have availed themselves of these services.

As a creative person and a writer Mr. Chowdhary always had a deep affinity towards direction. Having established himself as a successful producer Mr. Chowdhary decided to attain this personal dream. For his directorial debut he selected a literary classic that he admired. Translating this complex novel by Bimal Mitra into a tele-serial was a challenge. The product Mujrim Haazir was unique in receiving acclaim of the critics and masses alike. Mujrim Haazir won all the major awards of the year including the best director and best serial. With this Mr. Chowdhary established himself as a complete creative personality. With the balanced handling of drama, emotions, romance, socially relevant themes excellent command over the craft of scripting Mr. Chowdhary's subsequent directorial endeavours too won him much acclaim. And with his handling of another literary classic Intezaar Aur Sahi Mr. Chowdhary is today acclaimed as one of the very few makers in India, who have been able to do justice to literary classics.

With its Daily Soap, Intezaar Aur Sahi, Mr. Chowdhary felt the need and established a marketing set-up for local time-selling as well as selling software in the international market. Samvaad has grown from strength to strength. Over the years Samvaad has shown itself capable of adapting to the changing ground realities. Today, Samvaad, under Mr. Chowdhary's guidance is undergoing a major expansion in the form of a state-of-the-art, International Standard Shooting Studio, (SAMVAAD STUDIO) and also venturing into Film Production.